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Oldvoi Uganda has mastered the art of Wood Works and has over the years made wooden masterpieces inform of frames and doors, beds, dinning, kitchen furniture, wardrobes, pallets and more

Carpentry And Joinery

To choose between hardwood and boards for interior cabinets? There are vast experiences that inform our choices of materials to be used in the cabinets and they range from cost, durability, availability, recommendations and attractiveness. Ours will be based on professional point of view and the choice is for the client to make. 

Largely these choices should be made in conformity to the purpose of these cabinets. The intended use of the cabinets should inform the choice of material used for example if they are kitchen cabinets moisture resistant material should be used and lies in block boards, hardwood and PVC form boards.

It is also wise to consider the general outlook of the entire cabinets. The surface of the cabinets determine their attractiveness and resistance to certain conditions.

Solid Wood

There are a variety of solid woods available to make kitchen and closet cabinets and they range from mahogany, mugavu, musambya teak (Elgon and Sudan teak) mkarate and many others each with its specific pros and cons. Mahogany is by far the most common type used. It is nontoxic, readily available and can be finished in several shades to suit your interior touch. A wooden kitchen or cabinet can last for such a long time and also it’s easy to maintain as the same cabinet can be renewed through a new coat of stain and vanish from an expert. Depending on the type of wood some timber tends to warp, crack or shrink and therefore it requires seasoning either naturally or scientifically to ensure durability of the cabinets. Mahogany is one of the best timber in Uganda. Its beautiful grains, rich colour and descent outlook make mahogany the best choice of timber for furniture and interior fixtures. It’s also less pone deformations and good for making numerous small and big pieces of furniture.