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Oldvoi Uganda is a trusted provider of professional aluminum works and services. With expertise in designing, fabricating, and installing aluminum structures, they ensure high-quality results for residential and commercial clients.

OLDVOI UGANDA LIMITED specializes in the design, fabricate, assemble and installation of most architectural aluminum systems such as sliding doors and windows, swing doors, top hung windows or projected windows, fixed windows, ventilation, spandrel door, roller shutters, mesh-screen, curtain wall, aluminum (ACPs) cladding, partitions, solar shading and aluminum pergola using a set of highly dependable families of aluminum systems.

Our teams of highly trained, experienced and
youthful workers have the capacity to execute any amount of work big or small and deliver to the
client’s expectation within the given time parameters.

These works are evident in our galleries and client projects on our web-page.

Under Aluminum Services we Offer Partitions, Glass Work, Windows and Doors, Cladding & Curtain Wall


There are various reasons why aluminum is preferred for windows and doors as a trendy vogue for modern houses and whereas there are also benefits for using steel or wood, we shall entirely look at the strength of aluminum.

Aluminum casements exude a modern and elegant look, one that is expected while giving you all the benefits of modern design windows. The design and accessories that come with most aluminum casements simplify and enhance the performance of the aluminum windows and doors. The Euro- section especially the 3 track profile allows and provides for a perfect sliding mosquito net among other benefits reducing the effects of mosquitoes given Uganda’s location being in the tropical region.

Aluminum is maintenance free, with proper profiles, accessories and glasses being properly applied to the windows and doors, the results are strong highly corrosion resistant casements. You may not need to repaint the windows like steel fabrication since they do non rust because of a layer of aluminum oxide externally applied on aluminum profiles protecting it from air and oxygen which causes oxidation, rust and corrosion.

Sliding casements help in saving spaces and therefore the best option is aluminum because the rolling mechanism is not affected by rust and thick layers of paint applied over time to steel casements therefore they can slide for quite a while without any issues of repair or maintenance.

Like any other raw materials, the inputs for the windows and doors are actually very innocent if well procured. The workmanship rendered into these materials distinguishes a perfect casement from a dis functional one. Oldvoi Uganda limited boosts of 12 years experience in fabricating these aluminum windows and doors. Our workmanship is excellent grade as is evident on all our projects.

Oldvoi makes affordability of aluminum casements through a manageable payment plan. After issuing a quotation, the client will discuss with the managers about suitable and workable payment plan.

Currently most newly designed projects are expected to use aluminum windows and doors as initiated by the architects. These profiles give a superior finish or outlook to the projects compared to steel casements and this is largely because of their modern new build up.

Aluminum can be differentiated using many parameters from the type of section that is Euro- section, china and Dubai as they are locally known to gauge, colour, aluminium composition and the

design of the profile, all these distinguish the aluminum profile to be used on your project and application therefore depends on projects purpose and expectation.

Oldvoi Uganda limited has capacity to deliver on every kind of project big and small. Our team will professionally recommend which profile to use in order to achieve maximum performance of the casements and also ensure value for money while meeting architect’s and clients expectation. Our experience of over 10 years dealing with a variety of profiles and project expectations puts us in a better position for the job.