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Oldvoi Uganda offers a wide range of maintenance services for residential and commercial properties as well as furniture and metal works.

Most components on interior and exterior fixtures are system driven and like any other system maintenance is key for effective performance and output.

This also helps achieve a long-term utility and durability of the casement. Most people only remember to maintain when they encounter a problem with performance. Its usually small things that malfunction like a chip of aluminium, dropped screws, chipped paint and plaster causing big and costly trouble when ignored. Always check your windows and doors for smoking guns like leaks, dump walls, cracks in paint, damage on the sealants used, chopped screws, chips of glass and difficult in sliding or swinging any window or door.

System maintenance is part and partial of all systems. Avoid an irritating look and compromised performance of all your windows and doors. Its so important to keep a routine check on all interior and exterior casement system.















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Oldvoi teams are trained to effectively trouble shoot performance issues and offer a renewed touch and look while boosting its life and performance. The maintenance includes cleaning of trucks, checking for leaks where sealant was filled, replacement, repair or adjustment of all iron mongery and accessories to boost their performance and reliability.

Oldvoi Uganda limited also does performance and conformity evaluation for new and ongoing projects and this simply means we supervise your casement contractor to ensure adherence to all quality aspects with regard to value for money for the client.

An annual casement maintenance and check up is crucial for improved performance. Once or twice a year check your system to detail and incase of any occurrence like a destructive storm, strong vibrations or an earth quake check out for damages. Also, usually over the years especially for interior doors due to regular closing and opening, the fitting is lost leading to poor performance that will allow rodents, air or water inside, therefore the maintenance helps them fit back to the frame or original position which boosts performance.

In Uganda and East Africa, our windows and doors are less susceptible to salt spray which is the biggest catalyst for corrosion leading to wear and tear.

In Uganda and East Africa at large, the biggest problem is dusty wind and heavy rains leading to the damage of exterior and interior casement. Through the ventilation and gaps on tracks, a lot of dust and water collects leading to corrosion and rusting which later corrupts their performance. salt spray is also another aspect that leads to the wear and tear of casements though common to areas near the ocean and salt mining areas. Regular cleaning helps reduce the effect of salt spray and its corrosive soot.