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This is the process of enhancing or improving the looks, performance or vogue of the house, building or structure by replacing or repairing broken, damaged or worn-out elements of the house for example paints, furniture, walls, tiles, drainage and all other structural components that could seem damaged or malfunctioning. Renovations are done for different reasons by home and building owners but all do add value to the structure.

Oldvoi Uganda ltd has vast experience in interior and exterior housing solutions especially the application of the latest designs and materials available on the market and the industry blending them together with the old systems to streamline the project cost implication during renovations. Our teams are trained to offer most efficient solutions at affordable prices hence value for money to our clients. Enhanced luxury, comfort and performance of all systems boosts relaxations, reduces accidents and assures the home owner of a peace of mind from stressful and eclectic work environments.

Some renovation works can’t wait and come as emergency actions such as leaking roofs and windows, broken locks and glasses and all others that present a risk of fatality at home. For commercial renovations such as those, that will lead to poor client relations or accidents will begiven urgent attention. Oldvoi teams are also trained to work under high pressure environments and this also provides capacity to meet tight deadlines during situations of emergency.

Below are benefits of renovations.

➢   Improved security

➢   Better or enhanced looks of the home

➢   Improved efficiency of home systems

➢   Increased property value

➢   Peace of mind

➢   Avoidance of health and safety hazards

➢   Increased comforts and usage

➢   Energy saving and reduced wastage.