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Oldvoi Uganda is a leader in Board Works Creation and Installation Services in Uganda, and Other East African Countries like Rwanda, Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania, Burundi and Congo .

There are many types of boards and they are most commonly;

  • MDF (Medium density fiber)
  • Particle board/ chip board
  • Block board
  • PVC foam board

All these boards are used in assembling cabinets though they all have different characteristics therefore are specifically designed for special application.

Many parameters influence or inform our choices of board to be used and some areas don’t need any of the boards but rather a much stronger material. Whereas all boards work well for closets and wardrobes, PVC foam board and glazed block boards are most ideal for kitchen cabinets. Since they are costly, a client will be held in between using hardwood and these glazed block boards


Our advice to this is to mix up boards in order to affordably achieve durability and this is by using block boards for the interior boxing and applying MDF for the shuttering. Alternatively by using a wooden sink box at the sink area since it is the most prone to damage caused by poor plumbing and moisture issues. The other cost effective means though outdated and compromises on the general outlook of the kitchen is by casting slabs for the lower kitchen cabinets. It’s quite durable.

By not using them completely or by using durable boards like the block boards or PVC foam board. Particle boards and MDF are the cheapest forms of boards and hence are most prone to moisture damage. If u have used or are to use them ensure a professional- job like perfectly sealing the edges with moisture resistant paint or water proof resins.


PVC-Edge banding is another application that ensures durability of the cabinets and also gives them a touch of authenticity and a bold look for their functionality. OLDVOI applies edge-banding to help furniture have a complete look and properly blend the joints and edges for a fitting piece of furniture.

This is a question of interior designing whereas many carry a natural gift in choosing colours especially the female gender. A proper choice of board to blend in other interior deco choices is ideal for a complete interior job. MDF is increasingly being used across board largely because of its

cost benefit and attractive look. The trick is in a professional application of the board. Oldvoi Uganda limited blends these boards to ensure durability and cost reduction.


Oldvoi Uganda limited uses environmental friendly boards sourced from reliable suppliers. Whereas some paints when applied to MDF have damaging effects as may contain toxic and harmful gases, oldvoi only uses MDF grades of E1 or E0.

Oldvoi uses moisture and termite resistant boards which are longer lasting and safe to use in the homes.