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OLDVOI experience in handling glass projects is perfectly reflected in some of our projects. Glass works vary from glass partitions, shower cabinets, glass and mirror, cladding and glass balcony balustrades or balcony rails. Our team also handles bullet proof glass works, sound proof glass, safety glass like tampered, laminated, wired glass, fibre glass and toughened glass and below are some of our projects.

Glass is a key component to the finishes of any project casement and great windows and doors
require a meticulous choice and application of glass. The choices of glass are very many and this
variety makes the decision making process very long, below are some common types before we look
at their most suitable application.

These are the most common glasses available on the market and used on small
and medium projects for their availability and affordability. This glass can also be transformed to
make such stronger and shock- resistant glasses like laminated glass, bullet proof glass and others.
Oldvoi Uganda ltd has the experience to handle and apply the best suitable glass options for the job.

Laminated glass. Modern houses require some more strength and durability, laminated glasses
serves the purpose. It’s made by sand wiching two equal pieces of float glass with a thin layer of PVB
(polyvinyl Butyral) reins in between the glasses. In case of shattering the float glasses attached to the
PVB membrane remain intact hence averting any further form of accident, injury or damage. It’s the
most widely recommended since it’s not as costly as other types of safety glasses. Laminated glasses
are ideal for;
✓ Accident prone areas such as bathrooms and kitchens
✓ Large partitions in offices
✓ Home casement windows and doors
✓ Public places like banks, restaurants and malls,
✓ Street building/ commercial developments
✓ Bad extreme weather conditions like hurricanes and strong winds

This glass allows light inside the room but actually it’s impossible to see
through the glass from the other side. It’s ideal for private areas like washrooms and storage areas.

This is much stronger glass than the float glass because it goes through another
process called tempering after annealing of float glass. Tempered glass is not as flexible as float and
laminated glass as it cannot be reduced in size or curved into different shapes. It’s very strong and
hard glass compared to the latter but comes in fixed sizes or its custom made to your projects
requirements. The glass is safe because it crumbles in small crystal like pieces which are less
dangerous and this is ideal for areas like big windows on streets, busy areas.

This is designed by double glazing two sheets of laminated or float glass with
linear stripe to cover the edges creating an air tight vacuum between the glasses. This can be one
with regular application of normal glass or enhanced security performance by using much stronger
glasses for the double glazing sheets. Though this does not guarantee complete elimination of
external sounds. It’s most effective on high-pitched sounds compared to low- pitched sounds and
most applicable in busy areas like hotels and office premises. Sound frequencies are largely absorbed at the first laminated glass and by the time they heat the last PUB layers the sound will be
highly reduced and depending on affordability regular float glass may also be applied for the glazing. 

✓ Bullet proof glass
✓ Plastic glass
✓ Polycarbonate glass

Different projects require and need different types of glasses and many factors may be informing
this decision. However Oldvoi Uganda limited tries to bridge the gap between affordability and
excellent glass application. Whereas some glasses like the annealed or float glass may be cheaper in
the short run, they can cause long term damages, delays, losses and also deprive you of apiece of
mind. Our team will advise you on your glass requirements for your project.