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Oldvoi Uganda limited has installed many pargola and solar/sun breaking systems on several projects in Uganda and the neighboring countries.

These repeated experiences have perfected our art in handling both small and big projects delivering to the client’s expectation with reliable product performance.

Pargolars are mainly out of timber, steel and aluminium frame work and these can either be fitted with safety glass synthetic fibre, cloth fabric (canvas, vinyl, lace and sheer material). Safety glass also comes in many varieties like laminated glass, tempered glass, toughened glass, wired glass, fibre glass or plastic glass. The material used is streamlined by nature of project, architectural input, customer preference and budgetary constraints.

Solar shading though similar to pargolar is only limited to managing effects of wind and sun and as such it reduces their effect on the facility and its occupants. An understanding of the sun’s positioning during the day is critical to site planning, daylight design, passive solar design and controlling unwanted heat gains. The most commonly used here is aluminium with some steel components for fastening and stability. Aluminium fins are louvered unto box sections formed by

the movement of the sun for the desired solar input which are placed either horizontally or vertically depending.