quality policy

OLDVOI is concerned about the health and life of all its workers, the company has determined safety policies concerning hygiene and a safe working environment for the company’s employees to carry along with regular responsibilities and they are as follows:-

All team leaders and members must have the experience, training, and knowledge of all the jobs at their hands, and their recruitment and job allotment shall be closely monitored by the manager in charge of operations.

Prompt and adequate supervision of all projects to ensure consistency in workmanship to the required standard especially the expected view of quality.

Production being largely customized, to different jobs and projects, clients are highly encouraged to engage with production teams to ensure products meet their expectations.

Issuance of replacement and repair guarantees offered in relation to products and materials ordered for to ensure customer satisfaction and eliminate client dissonance.

Provide an internal follow-up process on every quality-related activity at an inappropriate time to ensure that the quality system still progresses effectively.