oldvoi construction


Oldvoi Uganda limited began as a contractor for interior and exterior work concepts incorporated in 2012. Later in 2018 started construction and renovation projects due to demand and gaps from inconsistencies in structural setup leading to difficult finishing job in the interiors. Over the years oldvoi has undertaken many challenging projects which has built our skills, know-how and experiences in design, build solutions and project management capabilities.

Oldvoi currently takes on the role of main contractor for small and medium size projects. We take on services such as feasibility studies as to where the project best suits, Legal documentation (paper-work), planning and execution of the entire project and Our net-work of clients stretches beyond the Ugandan boarders in South Sudan, Rwanda and DR-Congo.

Planning and Initiation

For any construction project to be well implemented, the idea requires proper planning to reach maximum results once the project is finished. Oldvoi Uganda Limited has experienced and technical teams to meticulously engage cleints on the feasibility of the project, site analysis, community suitability, purpose conformity and affordability. This planning helps in decording the clients interests in the project before implementation.

We are very committed to providing the best possible construction expertise and service to ensure cost effective and successful projects by working in closely synch with our clients to accurately interpret their dreams and visions into existing reality. A full time and open communication through all mediums is available to ensure consistence and capture minor and major components of the clients expectations.

  • Land acquisition
  • Paper work( design and concept development)

  • Project execution( structural set-up and construction management)

  • Project Finishing, closure and hand over.

  • Oldvoi offers awide range of project management services which include, project planning, project audit (time, finance, quality, structural strength), project supervisions and site inspections.