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Welcome To Oldvoi Uganda LTD

Oldvoi Uganda limited began as a contractor for interior and exterior work concepts incorporated in 2012.

Later in 2018 started construction and renovation projects due to demand and gaps from inconsistencies in structural setup leading to difficult finishing job in the interiors.
Over the years oldvoi has undertaken many challenging projects which has built our skills, know-how and experiences in design, build solutions and project management capabilities.

Oldvoi currently takes on the role of main contractor for small and medium size projects. We take on services such as feasibility studies as to where the project best suits, Legal documentation (paperwork), planning and execution of the entire project and Our net-work of clients stretches beyond the Ugandan boarders in South Sudan, Rwanda and DR-Congo.

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Construction is the process of creating structures, buildings, or infrastructure. It involves planning, designing, financing, and executing various activities to bring a project to fruition.

Board Works

Board works can refer to various activities and processes involving boards in different contexts. Here are a few interpretations and explanations of "board works"


OLDVOI UGANDA LIMITED specializes in the design, fabricate, assemble and installation of most architectural aluminium systems such as sliding doors and windows, swing doors, top hung windows & more

Pergola Works

Pargolars are mainly out of timber, steel and aluminium frame work and these can either be fitted with safety glass synthetic fibre, cloth fabric (canvas, vinyl, lace and sheer material).

Wood Works

Hardwood work refers to the skilled craftsmanship involved in working with hardwood, which is known for its durability, natural beauty, and strength.

Maintenance Works

Maintenance services are crucial to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of structures and equipment


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Government And Non Government Organizations (NGOs)

This refers to government institutions like ministries, security organs, government parastatals and NGOs especially those located in Kampala city. This group contributes about 20% of the total sales revenues and is always interested in reliable capacity to produce and supply, shorter production lead time for their orders.


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